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10 Fun and Educational Activities for Road Trips with Kids

Road trips can be a fun and adventurous way to travel with kids, but keeping them entertained for hours on end can be a challenge.

Family road trip with dad holding an open book.

As a parent, it’s important to plan ahead and find activities that will keep your children entertained and educated. Here are 10 fun and educational activities for road trips with kids.

1. Car Bingo – Print out car bingo sheets and keep an eye out for items on the list as you drive. The first person to fill their entire sheet wins.

2. I Spy – A classic road trip game, kids will have fun trying to find objects they spy while looking out the window.

3. Word Scavenger Hunt – Give your kids a list of words they can look for on road signs, billboards, and license plates.

4. Spot the States – Teach your kids geography by pointing out states as you drive through them.

5. Audio Books – Bring along some engaging children’s audio books to listen to during the trip.

6. Coloring Books and Supplies – Pack coloring books and crayons to keep your kids occupied.

7. Travel Journal – Encourage your kids to document their trip by having them keep a travel journal. They can write about the places they’ve visited, what they’ve seen, and what they’ve learned.

8. Music – Put together a playlist of your children’s favorite songs to play during the trip.

9. Trivia – Ask your kids trivia questions about the places you’re visiting or subjects they’re learning about.

10. Portable DVD Player – Bring along a portable DVD player and some of their favorite movies for entertainment on long drives.

By incorporating these fun and educational activities into your road trip, you can keep your kids entertained and learning. Happy travels!

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10 Fun and Educational Activities for Road Trips with Kids
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10 Fun and Educational Activities for Road Trips with Kids
Get 10 fun and educational activities to keep your kids entertained during road trips, including car bingo, I spy, word scavenger hunt, spot the states, audio books, coloring books, travel journal, music, trivia, and portable DVD player. Happy travels!
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